Eco-Friendly Bespoke furniture since 2010


Welcome to WOODSWAN!

We are excited to welcome you aboard! Please take some time to get to know us and browse our new website & store.

WOODSWAN supports eco-friendly sustainable living by creating modern, minimalistic, organic furnishings and architectural elements derived from rescued fallen trees, tree stumps, and reclaimed wood. Whether downed by fire, flood, lightening or just the natural course of age, each finished piece has a story.

Designed, built and sourced in New Mexico, each piece is handmade with great attention and care. All our rescued wood has been kiln-dried, each cut is level and everything applied to the wood releases zero to low VOC, thus stable in any interior. Our lean method of production insures surface treatments, realized through multiple stages, are smooth but tactile. Each bespoke piece is handcrafted to our standard of quality. Special attention is given to naturally occurring flaws or cracks making each and every creation genuinely unique.

At WOODSWAN we believe everything from the natural world should be celebrated. Every tree naturally displays beauty and character born from adversity thus we celebrate all their cracks and wrinkles. We humbly offer this metaphor to embrace and honor these old sentrys.